The Dirty Old Men-NYC was formed as the brain child of singer/songwriter, Frank Grimaldi. Together with guitarist, singer and actor, Sandy Moore, the musicians started out as a duo in the fall of 2011.   Originally thought to be strictly a blues band, the word “Dirty” was incorporated to convey The DOM’s bluesy, soulful and gritty sound, in the tradition of The Rolling Stones.   “Old Men” refers to the fact that no one in the band is under 40.  Though the joke of the name’s double meaning isn’t lost on the band members, they each can assure that they do not have a police record or live in a restricted area.   

In the spring of 2012, the duo became a quintet with bassist, actor and singer Rob Gaines and Tone Maul, longtime and concurrent, drummer for the 80’s electronic band The Wavos.   Needing a strong lead guitarist, the DOM’s - NYC were completed by spring of the same year with guitarist Ralph AKA Dr. Freddie Hatchet, originally the bass player for the band Fire Camp.  Together the 5 man band moved in a direction that was musically more Classic Rock-n-Roll while still keeping true to the original blues concept.  The DOM’s - NYC premiered in September at the Underground Lounge to a rousingly receptive Columbia campus crowd and has been Rockin’ NYC ever since. 

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